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The Ultimate Retail Markdown Strategy Guide

Retailers are in the business of making money. This means it’s extremely important to budget, price and plan according. The following guide is a deep drive into markdowns so that you can develop a strategy that avoids losses by making better business decisions.

HeyDay Bozement uses RICS POS and Inventory Management System

POS Inventory System: A Buyer’s Guide in 2018

When thinking about changing your retail technology, it’s important to consider what you’re actually changing. Many people consider their POS their end-all-be-all of retail management software. But the reality is, your POS is just part of the solution.

Using POS Data for Boutiques | Boutique Chat Podcast

Data is an integral part of any successful retail business today. But do you know the right data to analyze and how you can incorporate that data into a profitable strategy? Featured on this week’s Boutique Hub Podcast, RICS VP of Client Success, Geoff Tease, shares how to become a retail scientist using data.