How To Create A Buying Plan

Proper buying planning can help you increase your profit margins and ROI by serving as a reference guide to keeping your store stocked with the right products at the right time. Register to learn how to create a buying plan.


Five Strategies for Hiring, Training & Retaining in Retail

Hiring and retaining the right employees is key to creating a loyal customer base and driving in-store sales. But that can seem challenging in an industry with one of the highest employee turnover rates. So, we talked to four retailers who are dominating the employee management game to get their best tips for hiring, training, and retaining for retail.

retail footprint

Using Data to Grow your Retail Footprint

In today’s ever-changing retail landscape, growth can often seem challenging and unattainable. But growing your business is critical to staying competitive and ultimately making more money. No matter your goals, retail growth is attainable when driven by a realistic, data-driven strategy.

RICS’ new location, location, location…

All of our retail clients know that the three most important things about property are location, location, and location. You always want to be in the location that’s most aligned with your target market. That’s why RICS relocated to the historic and newly-renovated J.F. Wild Building in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, IN.