RICS Design & Studio Manager: Kristin Martin

This month we doubled down on the creation of that content by hiring a new Design and Studio Manager who will help us push the envelope in what we’re creating. We’re excited to introduce Kristin Martin, who brings robust graphic design, video, social strategy, and web user experience expertise to the RICS team.


Five Strategies for Hiring, Training & Retaining in Retail

Hiring and retaining the right employees is key to creating a loyal customer base and driving in-store sales. But that can seem challenging in an industry with one of the highest employee turnover rates. So, we talked to four retailers who are dominating the employee management game to get their best tips for hiring, training, and retaining for retail.

retail footprint

Using Data to Grow your Retail Footprint

In today’s ever-changing retail landscape, growth can often seem challenging and unattainable. But growing your business is critical to staying competitive and ultimately making more money. No matter your goals, retail growth is attainable when driven by a realistic, data-driven strategy.

RICS’ new location, location, location…

All of our retail clients know that the three most important things about property are location, location, and location. You always want to be in the location that’s most aligned with your target market. That’s why RICS relocated to the historic and newly-renovated J.F. Wild Building in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, IN.

FN Platform Header Image

5 Tips to Prepare for FN Platform

Leaders in footwear meet with fellow retailers, attend educational sessions, and get a chance to check out the newest products on the market at FN Platform. How do you make the most of such a large trade show? Check out our list below to help you make the most out of your time at FN Platform this year!