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RICS Buying Playbook Webinar Series

Ever feel like your merchandising plan lacks a clear vision? Our webinar Creating a Foolproof Buying Plan has got you covered. Unlock the secrets to creating a data-driven buying plan with Fleet Feet Sport’s Adam Van Slyke and RICS’ Jimmy Richburg.

Using inventory performance data to create an informed buying plan for retail is necessary in today’s competitive market. Our recent webinar, Using Data to Enhance Your Buying Plan, establishes the ‘whys and hows’ of using data to inform your buying plan without adequate training.

RICS Retail Enemies Webinar Series

Investing in your people is one of the best because people are one of the biggest differentiating factors between online and in-store shopping. Our recent webinar, Maintaining Profitability in the Digital Age: Why Ecommerce is Only Part of the Answer, focused on implementing a people strategy to deliver an in-store experience online can’t recreate.

We asked TheBoutiqueHub.com Founder, Ashley Alderson, to share her expertise from years of helping specialty retailers build strategies to grow their businesses.  Check out our webinar, The Secret to A Successful Omnichannel Marketing Strategy, for answers to important omnichannel marketing questions like ‘Do I need ecommerce?’

If you’re a small business owner with a brick and mortar store, at the end of the day, you just want to make more money in retail. And it all starts with inventory. Our recent webinar, Make More Money: How To Turn Your Buyer Into An Investor, focused on the following 4-step process to establish a best practice buying strategy

RICS and RMSA Web Series

Ineffective management of inventory can lead to excess inventory, which means decreased margins and potentially negative cash flow. How can you use data to better manage inventory and turn more profits? In this webinar, we discuss open-to-buy, a financial strategy that helps retailers focus on accurate forecasting and selling strategies to help increase profits.
As a business owner, you’re constantly checking your bottom line and trying to increasing your cash flow. On August 24th at 2pm EST join Senior Vice President of Client Services at RMSA and retail expert, Paul Erickson, to learn the specific techniques recommended to control your inventory, increase your margins, improve your cash flow and increase your bottom line.
To make agile, real-time business decisions making you more money, you must examine your data on a regular basis and adapt to what it’s telling you. On September 21st at 2pm EST join Senior Vice President of Client Services at RMSA and retail expert, Paul Erickson, as he goes through the step by step to improve your cash flow and increase top line sales.

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