RICS Connect is for Brands selling in to the RICS Retail Network to eliminate B2B pains with Product Catalog, Ordering, and Data Sharing.
Why Get Connected?
Brands and retailers are merging digital and traditional retail which requires more data sharing through connected systems
Connectivity saves time, energy, money, and a few thousand trees per year
Stop guessing and start knowing what inventory is moving (or not)
Product Catalog
Ensure your retail partners use your UPCs, SKUs, and images.
Guarantee you can get accurate data back from retailers.
Enable retailers to order electronically by connecting RICS to your EDI engine to exchange these supported documents:
Purchase Order (850)
Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855)
Advanced Shipping Notice (856)
Functional Acknowledgement (997)
Data Sharing
Automate product catalog delivery to Retailers
See on-hand, on-order, and sell-thru data in near real-time
Receive orders without manual entry
Use data feeds to power your internal dashboards, analytics, and planning or allocation tools
How it works.
Identifty your retail partners.
Choose the RICS Retailers you want to connect with (i.e., all or just some)
Ensure data integrity.
Provide Product Catalog Data
Select the data you want to see.
Opt-in for e-Ordering, Store Data, or Both
Yes, it’s that easy to connect.
Start sharing and receiving data.
Retailers of all size trust RICS to move more inventory, let us connect you to these retailers.
Move Inventory Faster with RICS Connect.