Onboarding and Support

Get support from a dedicated team of past RICS retailers

Our support and onboarding team is made up of past RICS retailers who are uniquely capable of solving your biggest challenges: unsold inventory, cash shortage, outdated and unreliable systems, staff turnover, and limited time.

We work directly with owners, managers and staff to understand your needs and to educate and implement retail industry best practices to improve your business strategy.

Change can be hard. We make transitioning easy

Transitioning to RICS is easy thanks to our dedicated support team with rich retail-industry backgrounds. Get up and running as fast as you need.

RICS support + strategic client success guidance = growth in profits

Learn how RICS client success team can provide strategic guidance to help you make more money.

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“The RICS team went out of their way to truly understand our unique business model and help us find ways to adapt their system to our needs.”
Julie BatyckiVP, Educational Outfitters
“Every time I talk to the support team, they’re always so helpful. And they send a follow up.”
Tad UtterbackThe Running Well Store
“The onboarding process with RICS is simple. The support offered takes away the pain points and the amount of anxiety that comes into play when switching to a new POS system.”
Ryan LongGM and Buyer, Potomac River Running
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