Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven success

Today’s market requires more than just a cash register. With accurate real-time data, you always know how your business is performing and return on inventory investment. RICS gives you access to this data anywhere, anytime.

Up-to-date and personalized

Keep a finger on the pulse of your business. The RICS dashboard gives you an accurate, real-time indicator of you inventory and sales health. See your daily sales performance and your on-hand inventory dollars with the ability to break it down by class, store, or vendor.

180+ reports to help you make better business decisions

Know exactly what to buy, when, and what to markdown. With retail metrics built into the reports you’ll always know when to edit orders. Our reports include performance metrics like turns, return on investment, gross margin return on investment, and gross profit to help you invest in your inventory confidently.

Reports are automated to your inbox, on your schedule

Spend your day where it counts. Automate your reports and have them waiting for you in your inbox.

After switching to RICS, the Fitted Foot has been growing an average of 10% each year.
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“The RICS Reporting easy-to-use automation features have saved me hours of work every week.”
David SpetnagelOwner, Fleet Feet Sports St. Louis
“The reports are awesome. Having all the history on your customers, sales, ROI, turns…that part is really good.”
Melanie EdgeOwner, Western Edge
“Reporting is very detailed and organized…and my time receiving has been cut down over 50%!”
Karoline JordanGeneral Manager, Harrys Boots
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