Accurate, Up to Date and Efficient inventory management

Real-time data anytime and anywhere

With RICS cloud-based inventory management solution, you have access to your data anywhere and anytime. No need to wait for your server to update overnight. See your inventory count and sales performance in real-time across all of your store locations, classes, and vendors. With RICS, all of your data is accurately reflected in our system 24/7.

Supplier and Product Records

Access to accurate data gives you insight to make better business decisions. With RICS, you can manage your Supplier and Product records to seamlessly write orders, manage inventory, and run reports to track performance.

Purchase Order Management

Use RICS to place orders with suppliers and accurately track product receipts. Avoid the headache and ensure you receive exactly what you wanted.

Automate Purchase Orders

Counting the holes in your inventory can take hours. Cut your fill in time by automating purchase orders for core inventory.

Balancing transfers between stores

Evaluate inventory performance across multiple locations. RICS provides suggestions for inventory transfers across locations based on your inventory data and sales.

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“Since partnering with RICS in 2016, our total inventory turnover has increased 83%.”
Eddie SchwartzkopfShipping & Receiving Manager, Lee’s Sports
“Before RICS, the drawer used to never balance. Now every day, to the penny, it balances. I know that the inventory is accurate when I am done. If the computer shows that we have it, then I know we have it. I just feel like I have a really good handle on my business now.”
Vickey WegenerOwner, Educational Outfitters Central Michigan
“We can be more ruthless with inventory since using RICS because I can see which ones are making me money. The ability to see turns by item, class, etc. is very powerful.”
Andy TesaneOwner, Two Bostons
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