Accurate and Up
to Date Inventory Management

The changing marketplace has created new consumer expectations. Meet customer demand by stocking your shelves with the right, data-informed inventory.

Learn how RICS inventory management can help you increase ROI

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Evaluate inventory performance across multiple locations.

Manage Supplier and Product records to write orders, manage inventory, and run reports to track performance.

Place orders with suppliers and accurately track product receipts.

Maximize your time by automating purchase orders for core inventory.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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“Since partnering with RICS in 2016, our total inventory turnover has increased 83%.”
Eddie SchwartzkopfShipping & Receiving Manager, Lee’s Sports
“Before RICS, the drawer used to never balance. Now every day, to the penny, it balances. I know that the inventory is accurate when I am done. If the computer shows that we have it, then I know we have it. I just feel like I have a really good handle on my business now."
Vickey WegenerOwner, Educational Outfitters Central Michigan
“We can be more ruthless with inventory since using RICS because I can see which ones are making me money. The ability to see turns by item, class, etc. is very powerful.”
Andy TesaneOwner, Two Bostons