We’re more than a retail POS and inventory management solution

Retail POS and Inventory

RICS empowers you to grow your profits by providing the robust functionality, data, and reporting capabilities you need to improve your retail business strategy.

We are an Extension of Your Team

Our service team is made up of past RICS retailers able to solve your biggest challenges: unsold inventory, cash shortage, outdated/unreliable systems, staff turnover, and limited time

We are Built for Specialty Retail

Point of Sale

  • Equip employees of all experience levels with this easy-to-learn tool.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of using multiple tenders to complete a sale.
  • RICS POS is installed and works even when the internet doesn’t.
  • Always stay up to date with RICS cloud-based POS.
  • Seamlessly connect your in-store and online shops.
  • Email receipts for quick and convenient transactions.
  • View our Minimum System Requirements and Supported Hardware.

Inventory Management

  • See your inventory update in real-time across all store locations and online.
  • Seamlessly write orders, manage inventory, and run reports to track performance.
  • Never get stuck with inventory you didn’t order. With our purchase order functionality, ensure you receive exactly what you wanted.
  • Don’t spend hours counting holes in your inventory. Automate purchase orders to save time filling in orders.
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Onboarding and Support

  • Our in-house service team is made up of past RICS retailers who are ready to solve your biggest challenges.
  • We work directly with you to educate and implement industry best practices that will improve your business strategy.
  • Transitioning to RICS is easy thanks to our dedicated support team with rich retail-industry backgrounds. Get up and running as fast as you need.
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Reporting and Analytics

  • 180+ reports give you the data you need to improve your business strategy.
  • Use real-time data so you always know how your business is performing and your return on inventory investment.
  • Report from anywhere at anytime. No matter where you go, we’ve got you covered.
  • Know exactly what to buy, when, and what to markdown. With retail metrics built into the reports you’ll always know when to edit orders.
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Customer Data

  • Build detailed customer profiles including purchase history, sizes, dollars spent, demographic, and more.
  • Use our built-in loyalty functionality to reward purchases and create repeat business.
  • Easily export customer data into the marketing software of your choice and create highly personalized, segmented experiences.
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  • We offer the flexibility to connect RICS with your own vendors. Create custom integrations with the apps and services you already use.
  • Our existing partner integrations allows you to connect with Accounting Software, Ecommerce, Universal Gift Card, EDI, Marketing Software, and more.
  • Say goodbye to double product entry and receiving inventory within separate systems. Our integrated system reflects real-time inventory updates across your online and brick and mortar locations as well as multiple store locations.
  • We offer credit card processing flexibility. Integrate with one of RICS’ three-preferred gateways.
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