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How can having a POS system help my business?

RICS’ POS system helps retailers buy smarter, manage inventory efficiently, and market and sell more, which increases revenue and lowers operating costs.

Who are RICS’ current clients?

RICS currently serves a variety of clients, who manage retail stores in Specialty Run, Sporting Goods, Footwear, Apparel, Workwear, Western Wear and more! To learn more about our current clients here.

Am I forced to use a specific credit card processing company when using RICS?

RICS is integrated with several processing options for you to choose from including Infintech, Shift4, SlimCD, and OpenEdge. Click here to see our other integrations.

Do you service retail outside of North America?

RICS currently serves retailers in the United States and Canada.


Can we track open purchase orders?

Retailers can use RICS to run reports on future orders and at-once purchase orders. Monitoring open purchase orders allows adjustments to be made to align with changes in retail sales.

How will RICS make buying easier?

On-Hand and Sales Analysis reports in RICS make it easy to identify trends for future orders and fill-ins. RICS analyzes inventory and can generate automatic purchase orders based on minimum and maximum levels set by the retailer. RICS can also generate automatic purchase orders based on sales.

Can RICS help forecast future buying?

On-Hand and Sales Analysis reports, using RICS’ robust reporting capabilities, make it easy to identify trends for future orders and fill-ins allowing a retailer to forecast and react to retail sales trends.

Is there a receiving report that accounts for items ordered but not shipped?

Yes. RICS allows retailers to report on all open purchase orders, future orders, and at-once orders.

Can RICS import and export purchase orders?

Yes. RICS can import and export purchase orders using a CSV file format.

Can I see special orders separately from fill-in orders and future orders?

Yes. RICS reporting allows you to filter special orders from fill-ins for visibility and tracking.


Will RICS help make physical inventory easier?

Yes. RICS has a step-by-step process that guides retailers through the process of completing a physical inventory.

Can you do a partial inventory using RICS?

Yes. RICS enables retailers to spot check physical inventory by performing partial physical inventories based on class or supplier.

Can RICS help manage non-sellable/ RMA inventory?

RICS has a “non-sellable” inventory classification that quarantines damaged, defective, and other non-sellable inventory that needs to be accounted for, without skewing on-hand inventory numbers.

How does RICS help me have the right inventory to sell?

RICS reporting provides crucial data that allows retailers to analyze sales trends, making it easier to be proactive in ordering to be ahead of the demand.

How easy is it to apply markdowns to my products in RICS?

Very easy. Batch price markdowns can be date-based and expire automatically to restore items to their original prices. Retailers can also create a schedule of markdowns to decrease the price of certain items over a determined time period.

How does RICS increase inventory accuracy?

RICS’ receiving process allows you to immediately and accurately account for inventory that arrives at your door. Inventory can be received with or without a purchase order. RICS allows receipt upon exception as well, making it easy to accurately account for discrepancies between the number of items shipped and the actual number ordered.

How can RICS help make the receiving processing efficient?

RICS gives retailers options for how to receive items. Both traditional and portable barcode scanners can be used for orders. Our recommended best practice of receiving against purchase orders keeps your incoming inventory orderly and accurate.

Does RICS have dashboards for quick data access?

RICS provides graphical display dashboards for access to key performance indicators. Retailers can simply access the dashboard using any computer with an internet connection or a smartphone.


Does RICS have a CRM?

Yes. RICS has a configurable CRM that allows retailer to market to their customers to drive traffic and increase revenue.

How does RICS help me sell more to my customers?

RICS make is easy to capture customer information at the point of sale. Retails can then use this information to segment customers based on different variables: demographics, spending patterns, etc. The more relevant your marketing, the more successful campaigns will be.

Does RICS have a loyalty program?

Yes. RICS has a customizable loyalty program – our Frequent Buyer Plans – that can be configured to track and administer rewards to loyal customers.

Does RICS track customer purchase history?

Yes. Retailers can view, track, and report on customer purchase history quickly and easily.

Does RICS help me segment my customers to market better?

Yes, RICS provides custom entry options to allow for customer segmentation for marketing efforts.

Does RICS track salesperson commission?

Yes. RICS provides retailers with control of their commission structure to maximize sales volume without giving away all the profits.

Does RICS track employee sales?

Yes. RICS provides detailed information about employee sales, UPT, sales per hour, and DPT so retailers can maximize labor dollars.

Does RICS track promotion success?

Yes. RICS allows retailers to track their marketing dollars by attributing sales to specific marketing promotions and campaigns using promo codes.

Can RICS generate coupons?

Yes. RICS generates barcodes that can be used on printed or emailed coupons, making it easier for customers and employees to present and accept coupons.