RICS Software (“RICS”) offers an interactive API that clients and third-party applications can use for integration and reporting purposes.
This document will serve as an authorization for RICS to generate and provide an API token that will grant access to the data available in RICS. The API is capable of providing access to the following sets of data:
  • Sales
  • Inventory Counts
  • Inventory History
  • Purchase Orders
  • Product
  • Gift Cards
  • Customers
  • Custom Entries
Integrations, including API access, are available only at or above the RICS Standard Plan ($225 / mo / store).
  • Client authorizes RICS to send an API token
  • RICS generates and provides API token to client or third-party resource
  • Client and/or third party agree on the data and format needs
  • Client and/or third-party application utilize the RICS API to obtain the necessary data
To deactivate this Integration, send an email to the RICS Account Management Team (accounts@ricssoftware.com). The email should include Name, RICS Account Number, name of the integration to deactivate, and the desired deactivation date (Note: deactivation will occur within 1 week of the request).
RICS reserves the right to suspend or deactivate the token at any time due to inactivity or abuse of the token. The primary contact for the token will be notified when/if this occurs.
By reading and signing the RICS Data Sharing Consent Addendum to the right, I approve the enablement of the integration as outlined above.
This Data Sharing Consent is an addendum to Client’s Access Services Agreement with RICS Software.
Client grants to RICS Software, the royalty free right and license to query, compile and disseminate, Client’s Identified Data including but not limited to Client’s interaction with the Software and use of the Services, and to use such Identified Data to support the Access Services.
This Data Sharing Consent is entered into and made effective as of the date on which a Client’s authorized representative accepts the terms of this Addendum to its Access Services Agreement.
Each party has caused this Access Services Agreement and its Addendums to be entered into by its duly authorized representative as of the date of acceptance.