At RICS, we’re all about relationships.

Our best impressions come from showcasing the talent, experience, and wisdom of our clients.
In fact, over half of our clients switched to RICS thanks to recommendations from other retailers and partners.
“A store in St. Angelo referred me to RICS, and they had been referred by another store before that! When you have someone else in the same industry saying it’s good, it’s probably good! And that helps a lot because different industries have such different needs.”
Jimmy DrurySaddle Rags
“I do refer RICS [to other retailers] because I think it’ll serve them better than what they’ve got.”
Steven RuedaTurnpike Comfort Footwear

To show our appreciation for your help, anyone who gives a referral that results in a new RICS client gets a reward!

Here’s how #GiveAndGet works:


You refer another retailer via chat or email


Your referral gets their first month free for all stores on RICS


You get the same number of stores free for a month

FOR EXAMPLE: Ray Pugsley at Potomac River Running refers a five-store retailer to RICS. That new RICS client gets its first month free. Potomac River Running gets five free months of their subscription (starting the month that new client goes live on RICS).

It’s Time To #GiveAndGet