Playmakers is an award-winning footwear and apparel store committed to helping customers increase their fitness levels by providing an enjoyable and productive environment in which to work, shop, or visit. Playmakers co-owner Brian Jones and his team believe there should be a mutually beneficial relationship with all those who are associated with the store; that includes staff, customers, vendors, and the community.

RICS has given us the tools to increase profit more than 15%.
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In The Dark About Unsold Inventory

In 2011, Playmakers used an outdated retail management system to track sales. As business grew, Playmakers’ leadership realized that their legacy system was prohibiting them from reaching their full potential, as they lacked the ability to pull and analyze inventory performance data.  

The team knew they were experiencing an increase in sales, but they couldn’t determine which specific items were the most profitable. Since they didn’t have access to the right data, they couldn’t invest confidently in their inventory.

“There was so much information we were missing. We knew how much footwear and non-footwear apparel business we were doing, but couldn’t break it down beyond that,” admits Jones.

Hungry to improve measurable business performance and grow their profits, the Playmakers team decided it was time for a change.

Prioritizing Accurate, Real-Time Data

With the desire to invest confidently in their inventory and continue to grow their business, Playmakers partnered with RICS, gaining access to accurate, real-time data integral to their success.

RICS merchandising reports provide inventory turns, return on investment (ROI), gross margin return on investment (GMROI), and gross profit, allowing Playmakers to see which items are most profitable. For the first time, they could analyze sales performance by men’s and women’s apparel, allowing them to discover helpful information on their margins.

“RICS has provided our team with a lot of flexibility,” Jones confirms. “The reports we pull are very actionable. Information on turns and other KPIs is really easy to access.”

Jones continues, “Now we know how much footwear business we are doing. We also know how much business we’re doing across apparel, socks, and accessories by supplier, class, and gender, too.”

Favorite RICS Reports

For measuring performance

  • Sales Comparison
  • Sales Analysis
  • Best Sellers

For data-driven buying

  • Sales By Month (grouped by Class or by Vendor)

For season closeouts

  • Grid Analysis

By The Numbers


Since becoming a RICS client over six years ago, Playmakers annual sales revenue has increased 17%, boosting annual profit 15.4%.


The ability to make data-driven decisions helped restore confidence in the Playmakers buying team and their inventory investments. As a result,

  • All four of their core inventory classes have experienced growth
  • Three new categories have been added to the product mix
  • Total tickets (annualized) and total multiple-item tickets have each jumped 126%
  • Average ticket value has jumped 17%


In the past 2 years alone, Playmakers has increased total inventory turnover by 3%, driving up annual ROI 3% as well. This may seem like a small improvement to some, but it is quite an achievement. A one-week improvement of inventory turnover is equal to 1% increase in ROI.


With the help of RICS open API, Playmakers has realized even more efficiency gains by integrating both their payment processing and ecommerce technologies with RICS.

Enjoying Flexibility & New Efficiencies

In the rapidly-changing retail industry, RICS helps Playmakers stay relevant with technology that’s one step ahead. With RICS cloud-based software, Playmakers doesn’t worry about housing servers. Product updates are automatic. Their teams can collaborate from anywhere.

Before RICS, complaints about the legacy system’s glitches and functionality problems would dominate staff meetings. “It’s great to see consistent improvement as we’ve gotten more comfortable with RICS Software,” Jones says. “For those who are looking for a new point of sale system, remember that people hate change initially; but when you can see that it’s better, it makes it all worth it.”

With RICS as a partner, Playmakers is able to focus more time on their unique culture without compromising efficiency.

“RICS has given us the tools to be better merchants,” agrees Jones. “When a customer is in the store, we have the opportunity to be one-on-one with them. RICS allows Playmakers’ customer-facing employees to focus on delivering personalized experiences because they don’t have to worry about average ticket amount and sales per ticket.”

The Playmakers philosophy of maintaining mutually beneficial relationships among those associated with their store continues.

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