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Chiappetta Shoes is “a real shoe store,” managed by third generation owners Frederick and Lori Chiappetta, with the help of their sons, Tony and Nick (fourth generation). In addition to men’s and women’s footwear, accessories, custom pedorthics and inserts, they also offer a wide range of “recraftability,” or shoe repair services.

“In just 4 years with RICS, our sales have grown over 43% and profit over 24%.”
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Bogged Down with Bad Systems & No Time

Before switching to RICS, Chiappetta Shoes was working with an installed (R:Base) POS system for pedorthic shops.

Back then, creating orders and running reports were time-consuming processes. They were manual and therefore prone to human error. Correcting small mistakes could be an incredibly tedious waste of time—time that could have been spent working with customers! Tony agrees, “As a service-oriented store, time management and prioritization were major challenges for us. If there was a report we needed that wasn’t accessible using the platform, we could always call, but it usually took an extra few days.”

Limited insight fueled Tony’s concerns about data integrity and prohibited Chiappetta Shoes from reacting efficiently to industry change. For example, inventories across the industry have been shrinking, forcing retailers to place more future and fill-in orders than ever before. Unable to confidently analyze and mitigate this additional risk, Tony had to make more conservative buying decisions.

Ditching the Status Quo

Lacking the efficiency of a supported, cloud-based solution, the need for new inventory management technology quickly climbed to the top of their list of competing priorities. Tony began the search for a new system in 2012. Thanks to a recommendation, he called RICS.

Chiappetta Shoes’ decision to partner with RICS was based on the following time-savers:

Unlimited users with unlimited access to real-time data

Automated report delivery

Automated purchase orders using model stocks

An onboarding team to handle the transfer of historical data

On-demand assistance from an industry-leading support team, the majority of whom are former RICS retail customers

The ability to scale

How Chiappetta Shoes Saved Time & Increased Profit 24.4%

With the help of RICS, the team at Chiappetta Shoes changed the way they worked. And the efficiency gains were immediate.

Tony estimates he and his team save several hours each year thanks to automation with RICS.

He expounds, “The automated reporting is huge. It empowers us to make better purchasing decisions faster and to be much more proactive with fill-in orders. We run weekly and monthly Sales Comparison and Best Sellers reports, as well as weekly Special Orders and Purchase Orders reports.”

In addition to significant time savings, Chiappetta Shoes has realized a 24.4% profit increase since partnering with RICS.

They are using data to sell more and spend smarter. For example, enhanced visibility into business performance has also helped Chiappetta Shoes:

  • Double sales by quantity each year
  • Grow total YOY sales 43%
  • Boost total transactions over 30% and transactions with multiple items 47%
  • Increase average item per ticket 10%
  • Decrease the use of markdowns 18%—despite no change to their strict promotional periods!
  • Add 10,000+ customers to their marketable database
  • Double total inventory turnover
  • Double annual ROI

Chiappetta Shoes proves that increasing inventory turnover by 1 week results in a 1% improvement in cash flow. Increasing total YOY turnover by 128% has helped them boost ROI 133%.

Reinvesting Resources

Such efficiency and cash flow gains have enabled Tony and the team at Chiappetta Shoes to reinvest in their customer-first strategy. Here are just a few examples:

December 2014 – Offering expanded by integrating with KIWI Orthotic Services & Clinic Management Software

September 2016 – Introduced a custom ecommerce solution by integrating with Regal Creative and WooCommerce with RICS

October 2016 – In-store renovation

March 2017 – Tony created the Facebook group Shoe Dogs United, which has grown to 900+ members within a year

March 2017 – Increased investment in marketing, with videos, a new marketing team member, etc. “promoting healthier living through good foot health”

December 2017 – Updated website and ecommerce platform

January 2018 – Integrated MailChimp marketing automation software with RICS

The team at Chiappetta Shoes continues to be “fanatic about footwear [and] serious about service.”

But what’s next for Chiappetta Shoes?

Tony hints at an expansion! Either a larger or a 2nd location.

Regardless, RICS will be there to scale with them. We are proud to be a part of their success.

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