fbpx By having customer data at your disposal in your POS and inventory management system, you can understand what your customer base looks like, what they like to buy, and the best ways to bring them back into your store. This information will help you market better, buy smarter, and will in turn make you a more profitable retailer. It is important that you collect as much customer information as possible so that you can use it to your advantage.

Understand Your Customer’s Profession

Knowing your customer’s field of work is essential for buying inventory that your customers want and need. Taking time to get to know them when they come into your store and then adding their profession to your sales notes will be helpful information to guide your buying decisions. You can also run reports on inventory that has been purchased in the past and that will offer insight into the types of workwear your shoppers are buying.

Know What Brands They Like

Supplying your customers’ favorite brands will get them to come back in and keep buying from you. You can run reports on what brands are the best and worst-selling, so you are always appealing to popular demand. Having conversations with your customers about their favorite brands will also help you know what they like and you should continue buying.

Personalize Your Marketing Efforts

Using customer notes that include their profession and favorite brands can help you personalize marketing tactics to capture their attention. Let customers know when inventory relevant to them arrives. For example, email those customers when you receive the newest Timberland work boots. Adding as much customer information as you can will help make your marketing campaigns more specific and applicable to the recipients. Want to learn about how RICS can help you manage your workwear store? Click here!