fbpx Many retailers across the country (and the globe) are offering subscription-based models to cater to their customers’ wants and needs. Brands like Birchbox, Carnivore Club, Dollar Shave Club, and Stitch Fix do this and are wildly successful at it. Subscription models create customer loyalty while making it more convenient for consumers to shop at your store. One reason subscription-based models are successful is because it allows your customers to test out or sample a product before going all-in for the complete purchase. Customers are always eager to try new things without giving a full commitment, which makes the subscription-based model a perfect fit for them. Often times, customers will return to buy the full-size version of the samples. This is a nice way to give customers a little taste of your products to keep them coming back for more. Another way to use subscription-based models to your advantage is to replenish your customers’ wants and needs on a regular, scheduled basis. For example, if you operate a running store and you notice that your customers come back every 4-6 months to buy a new pair of running shoes, you can sign them up to have their new shoes delivered right to their door on a regular basis! By learning and understanding your shoppers’ wants, needs, and habits, you can create a model that works best for them. You can also create a “Surprise Subscription” or a “of-the-month” box and send your customers a box of the latest and greatest on a regular basis. You could incentivize customers to sign up for your subscriptions by offering them special deals and discounts on the items in their box. Some benefits that you could see with subscription-based models include: predictable monthly sales, building longer relationships with customers, automating purchase orders and inventory fulfillment, creating upselling opportunities, and more! It is definitely worth considering if a subscription-based model is worth implementing in your store. The key to successful subscription-based models is to use compelling products, combined with excellent customer service. Pair that with personalization and convenience, and you’ll be sure to find success! If you liked reading this post, check out our blog for some other business tips!