fbpx August is almost here and summer will soon be slowly winding down. Read our post to find out what events and holidays are going on in August that your store can plan for!

The Olympics

The summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5-August 21. Wouldn’t it be fun if your store followed along with the games? If your store has televisions, you could tune in to the Olympics so your shoppers can watch while they shop. You could even have friendly and fun competitions on the weekends that your customers could participate in. You could pass out gold, silver, and bronze medals in the form of coupons to encourage your shoppers to come back in the future. The possibilities are endless!

Senior Citizens Day

Honor the senior citizens in your community on Sunday, August 21st and encourage them to come shopping in your store! Offer special discounts for different items they might like. Have some tea, coffee, or other light snacks for them to enjoy while they shop.

Markdown Season

August is usually a time for markdowns to try to get rid of all of the summer inventory to make way for your fall collections. Keep this in mind when ordering new inventory and have a strategy to get old inventory out your door! Check out this guide for markdown best practices.

Tax Free Weekends

Each state has a different Tax Free Weekend, so be sure to check out our infographic to find out when you should plan for it. Keep in mind that not all products will qualify to be tax exempt. If you are a RICS user, you can look at this help article to find out how you can setup your Tax Free Weekend in RICS.