fbpx As you are thinking about new initiatives you want to implement in 2017, have you considered taking advantage of your store space for more than just selling your inventory? It is clear that shopping is taking a turn towards convenience (ecommerce, same-day delivery, curbside pickup) and interactive experiences. How can you leverage your store to create experiences that shoppers seek out? What will allow you to stand out and be unique among your competitors? An easy place to start is to offer food and drinks to your shoppers. Who doesn’t love a good bite to eat while out shopping? This will encourage shoppers to stay and enjoy their time. Did you know that alcohol while shopping leads to increased sales? If you are able to obtain a liquor license, offer a glass of wine to those who come into your store. If you like the results, you could even go as far as putting a full bar in your store. This is great both for the shoppers and those dragged along to come with. Your main goal should be to get shoppers to stick around, so do whatever you think will offer the largest return on your investment. Another way to utilize your store space is to allow people to host private shopping parties in your store after hours. Whether the event is for a company’s happy hour or a girl’s night out, give these attendees the opportunity to look at your inventory and makes purchases. If the main purpose of the event is not to shop, don’t be a pushy salesperson, but instead friendly and knowledgeable. An inviting and comfortable store space is essential for multipurpose use. Start with redesigning your layout to create space for people to gather and hangout. You can check out our infographic for specific ways you can perfect your store’s layout to create a better customer experience. Now that the new year is here, think about how you can capitalize on your store to distribute your inventory and create memorable experiences that will get your customers talking and increase foot traffic. F0r more suggestions on how to increase your in-store experience, read this free guide!