fbpx Data has become instrumental in running a successful business. When you use your data to forecast, plan markdown strategies, and analyze business results,  you’re able to make a positive impact on your bottom line. But many retailers are faced with uncertainty when it comes to understanding their data. Whether they don’t have the right technology in place to store and analyze their data, or they are unsure of what metrics are most important, many retailers aren’t using their most valuable asset to their advantage. Join RICS’ Jimmy Richburg and Potomac River Running’s Ray Pugsley and Ryan Long as they discuss the importance of data analysis in your business. Our free webinar, Understanding and Using Data to Increase Profits, will cover how you can be using reports and data points to influence the business decisions and strategies that most impact your profitability. In this webinar, we’ll break down: Join us on Thursday, May 25th at 2:00-2:30 pm EST for this exciting discussion. Register now!