fbpx Now that we’re a full week into 2017, it’s time to start thinking about how you can capitalize on all the new customers that came into your store through the holiday season. It’s no secret that loyal shoppers spend more (nearly 70% to be exact) than one-time shoppers. Not only that, but acquiring new customers can cost you 5-10 times more than marketing to your loyal customers. So how can you turn those one-time shoppers into repeat customers? Check out these tips to get started!

Follow up with new customers

A great way to stay top of mind with new customers is by sending them a thank you note for stopping into the store. It doesn’t have to be over the top or a long message, but reaching out to each of your new customers, whether it’s with a handwritten note or email is a great way to show the personalized experience your store has to offer.

Offer timely discounts

A great way to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers is by offering them discounts that give them a reason to come back into your store. Customers love discounts and often turn to stores where they know they have the opportunity to save money due to coupons and sales. After they visit, send them home with a coupon that they have to use within the next month. Coupons or gift cards with an expiration date prevent shoppers from holding onto it until the next holiday season. It adds incentive to ‘use it or lose it’ and stop into your store.

Free Giveaways

Take advantage of bulk purchases by using excess inventory for free giveaways with certain purchases. Send out an email or direct mail piece telling past customers about a promotion that is a buy something get something. If customers come in and buy a new pair of shoes, throw in a free pair of socks they can use with the shoes. You can also give away a piece of inventory with every gift card purchase. This encourages customers to stop in and gives added value to every purchase customers makes. Interested in learning more about driving customer loyalty? Check out our latest webinar for more information.