fbpx Accessory sales may seem like an intimidating add-on for your employees. But it doesn’t have to be! That’s what four retail players set out to discuss in a panel at TRE. The talk covered different topics relative to the sales of accessories (or essentials) including strategy, training, and culture. Read on for a recap of one of the topics covered! The panel included: What in your opinion is the best way to set the stage for successful accessory sales?” Brent: First, call them ‘essentials’ instead of accessories. As the owner, get your head around that there isn’t a limit to what you can do in essentials. You have to decide that you’re going to make essentials a part of your sales strategy. Once you do that, buy that way, plan that way, and create space in the store for that. Milton: Get employees to buy into the product. If employees don’t believe in the product they are selling, they’re not going to be able to effectively market it to your customers. Ask vendors for samples to share with employees, that way you can get their buy in before you decide to sell it. Karen: Knowing your market and customers is crucial. Understanding what products you can buy for the problems your runners encounter will make a big difference in what you sell. If your store has runners coming in who say their feet hurt, have the products on hand that will solve their problems. Brian: Train your staff to believe that they’re increasing your customer’s quality of life. When team members believe they are truly helping a client, they’re more willing to listen to your customer and create a relationship with them. In turn, they’ll be able to offer helpful solutions to your customers and sell more.