fbpx Being a sporting goods retailer can be challenging because there is such a wide array of sports and equipment that you sell. Product knowledge is such an important factor in selling your inventory, so you really need to know your facts. We have a few tips that will help your sporting goods store have a winning season and beat the competitors.

Understand your customers’ needs and educate them

If you want your customers to make purchases, you need to educate them and share your product knowledge. Taking time to listen to what your customer is looking for will give you the ability to best assist them. By giving the customer as much information as possible and not forcing any specific product on them, they will be more inclined to trust your expertise. Be genuine and helpful when you spend time assisting shoppers.

Take time with the fitting process

Whether you are fitting cleats, a glove, or a bike, be sure you are spending adequate time and have patience with each customer. Bring out options for the shopper to compare and explain the benefits of each product. This is another opportunity to share your product knowledge and educate the customer on their potential purchase. Taking time with the fitting process shows you are willing to find the best sporting equipment, apparel, etc. for them. In turn, they will be more likely to make the investment.

Create an inviting and comfortable in-store experience

Your sporting goods store should offer an exceptional in-store experience when it comes to customer service and the space itself. Be intentional about how you set up your store. Make sure you have comfortable chairs around for customers to try on shoes, and enough seating for their companions. Full-length mirrors are also a must, so that the shopper can see the complete outfit. For more ways to make your store stand out, see our infographic, about Perfecting Your Store’s Layout for a Better Customer Experience. Learn how Playmakers uses RICS to measure their store’s performance and make better decisions. If you are interested in joining other sporting goods retailers who use RICS to grow their business, click here.