fbpx Drew and Jim are two retailers who are running their retail stores very differently. Read on to see the differences to see between managing your inventory manually and having a POS and inventory management system in place. Meet Drew Drew is a shoe store owner who doesn’t use a point of sale or inventory management system. He manually keeps track of his inventory. This has cost him many headaches and a lot of time calculating KPIs to know how his business is performing. While he has only ever tracked his inventory by hand and has a system down for entering new shipments and purchases, he doesn’t realize how much more efficient he could be if he had retail technology in place. He has owned his business for over 20 years and has never questioned his manual system. While sometimes he wonders if using a POS and inventory management system could make his life easier, he thinks he already has a good enough way to calculate what he needs to know when making buying decisions. He can’t really get over the obstacle of having to change how he runs his business and rely on technology to do it. Drew also wonders why he should spend money on technology when it seems he is clearly capable of doing it himself. Little does he know, taking the time to switch to retail technology will end up saving him plenty of time and start earning him more money through business-changing insights a POS and inventory management system offers. Meet Jim Jim is a shoe store owner who uses RICS Software to manage his store. He has been working in retail for 15 years and has experienced the hardships of not having a system in place. Since switching to RICS, he has become a more profitable retailer with more time on his hands. Before having a system, he always worried about what might happen if he lost the paper he used to track his inventory or his computer crashed and all of his data disappeared. Having the peace of mind knowing his data isn’t going anywhere has been greatly beneficial. Not only can he rely on RICS to store the data, but he can also access it anytime he wants, from anywhere he wants. Being able to make business decisions in real time has led to greater profits and many hours back in his day. Utilizing RICS’ robust reporting capabilities has allowed Jim to make smarter buying decisions and he also has a constant pulse on how his business is doing, without having to spend much time at all manually calculating. His business is now run much more efficiently having retail technology in place that ensures accurate and up-to-date data for insightful reporting and analytics. Convinced why you need an inventory management solution like RICS? Check out our Checklist for a New Inventory Management System.