fbpx “The More You Know” is a popular slogan that started in 1989 with Tom Brokaw. The PSA series features educational information, ending with the tag line “the more you know.” The slogan has become a marker for many distributing educational content, whether in truth or in parody (as seen on SNL and The Daily Show). The fact is, the more you know, the better business decisions you can make. As a retailer, this is important to maintain and grow your business. Analyzing customer purchase history, inventory turns, and markdowns can help you make better buying decisions. Looking at purchase patterns for customers spending a certain dollar amount or buying items within specific classes can help you tailor your marketing efforts. Understanding when you received specific SKUs, how long they have sat on the shelf, and at what price points your customers make purchases can help you merchandise and sell product more efficiently. RICS realizes that the data stored in its system is very valuable to its clients and could be used for purposes beyond the scope of RICS current functionality. To help clients get access to their data and integrate with other applications, RICS has three ways that can be used to exchange data and enable integration: If you have outside tools or system that you are using for your business, accessing your data in other formats might be beneficial. To learn more about these methods or if these solutions would meet your needs, please contact an Account Manager at accounts@ricssoftware.com