Looking for how to set up your Tax Free Weekend with RICS?

If you’re planning on buying back to school supplies or clothing under $100 in certain states, you should plan on doing it over a tax free weekend. Why? Because you won’t have to pay sales tax! New York was the first state to institute a tax free weekend in 1996. Since then, other states have adopted the practice with different specifications and limitations. Common items a state deems as tax free during the Sales Tax Holiday include: Clothing under $100 School supplies Computers under $1000 If you’re a retailer selling any of these items, take advantage of this opportunity. Customers are incentivized to flock to your store during this period of time to save money; give them a reason to stay and spend more. Create vibrant signage, advertise promotions, and staff your store appropriately in order to encourage customers to enter your store and stay there.