fbpx Looking for how you can set up your Tax Free weekend in RICS? Is your state hosting a tax holiday this year? With tax free weekends starting at the end of July and going well into August, it’s time for retailers to start planning for the event in your store. If they are, here are some quick tips for how you can use this event as a way to attract more shoppers to your store. Send a postcard to customers Many customers may be unaware that tax free weekends exist. Send them a direct mail piece that lets them know the dates and what in your store qualifies for tax exemptions! Send an email  Interested in getting the word out but not savvy on spending money on a mailer? Use your customer list to create an email that highlights the dates of the event and the merchandise you’ll have on hand that is tax exempt. Offer a coupon  Shoppers are already saving a little money on taxes, but why not sweeten the pot and offer a coupon? Offering a coupon for a total discount or a discount on one item is a great way to encourage shoppers to stop into your store over the weekend. Post on your social channels Use your social channels to spread the word about the tax holiday. This is a great way to get in front of your customers several times before the event. Post pictures of the inventory that qualifies and let them know about any other specials you’ll be hosting that weekend.