fbpx The RICS team has been hard at work revamping our Help Center. With all of the new resources available, I’d like to take a moment to share a few of the areas I find to be most helpful: Physical Inventory – We know that taking a physical inventory can seem daunting, and we’re here to help! This resource contains step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process, all the way from counting items to committing your finalized inventory. Reporting Best Practices Guide – Want to assess salesperson performance? How about analyzing the effectiveness of promotions? This guide shows you how to get the results you want out of RICS reporting by telling you how to set up reports and what action to take based on the results. Create Purchase Orders – Purchasing is an essential part of your business. This resource provides you with everything you need to know when generating Purchase Orders. Check it out – even seasoned veterans might learn something new! Manage Non–Sellable Inventory – RICS’s Non-Sellable Inventory feature allows you to manage returned and defective merchandise effectively. This article gives you all you need to do so, from creating return codes to completing non-sellable batches. Cashier Training Guide – Training cashiers just got a little bit easier. This guide covers the basic functionality of the POS in order to get new hires up to speed and ringing sales on day one. Use the above articles as a starting point to acquaint yourself with the new Help Center, but don’t stop there! Feel free to look around and search for any topics you might be curious about. We’re actively working on adding new material, so keep checking back!