fbpx Did you know that returning customers spend almost 70% more than first-time customers? The importance of winning repeat customers for your bottom line has never been more clear. But with so many of your competitors competing for your customers’ attention, it can be hard to know if you are top of mind for your customers. So how can you stay in front of your customers in a way that encourages them to show loyalty to your store and spend money with you? Check out a few easy ways you can use your customer data to re-engage your customers and bring them back to your store!

Announce new products

Use your customer buying history to segment your audience purchases by brands. When you have a new piece launching in a brand, reach out to that brand segment to let them know of the latest product releases. Your audience may not jump to buy the new piece you are featuring, but it’s a great way to keep your brand and products in front of your audience and encourage them to re-engage with you either online or in-store.

Send out coupons

If you want to see customers re-engage with your brand quickly, coupons are a great way to capture their attention. Shoppers are always looking for a deal and offering a coupon gives you the chance to capture their business. Dependent on your audience, you can mail or email out the coupon for convenience. The easier the coupon is to use, the more likely customers are going to use it. Make the coupon valid for a limited time, prompting customers to stop in sooner rather than later.

Customer appreciation gifts

Another great way to bring customers back into your store is by sending them a customer appreciation gift. The gift can come in the form of a discount or gift card. Either way you are encouraging your customers to come back in and spend money with you. Consider pulling customer buying history and sending out appreciation gifts to your top 50 customers. Even sending them a $5-$10 gift card shows them that you value their business and will entice them to stop in again. When it comes to winning business, keeping your customers happy is a must. But it’s also important to make sure happy customers keep you top of mind when it comes to their next shopping trip. To learn more about using your data to re-engage your customers, download our free ebook Marketing with Your POS.