fbpx As ecommerce and the omnichannel experience are becoming more prevalent and seem to be taking business away from small, brick-and-mortar retailers, the in-store shopping experience is still very much sought after. Shopping is a social behavior, so while there are more convenient ways to obtain essential products, through technology like Amazon dash buttons, many people enjoy the experience of shopping for products they want to have. So how do you make your experience stand out and attract customers to come in to your store and leave with a smile on their face? When thinking about your in-store experience, you can’t just compare it to similar retailers in your industry. You have to compare it to all experiences that the consumer is facing each and every day. These experiences are your real competitors. When they choose to go shopping, they are taking time away from another activity they could find more rewarding. So you really have to think out of the box in terms of winning the customer’s time to come into your store and shop around. Instead of thinking about ways you can sell to your customers, you need to think about how you can form relationships with them and impact them while they are in your store. If you make hospitality and kindness a value for your business, that will be evident through how your employees engage with the shoppers. You want them to feel welcome and comfortable. Maybe that means offering them snacks or drinks when they come in. Discounts and coupons are no longer cutting it. Consumers have come to expect these when shopping, so you need to find other ways to differentiate yourself. The focus of your in-store experience shouldn’t be transactions, but interactions. Influence your customers so that you are top of mind, even though they might not purchase something every time they come in. To learn other specific ways to improve your in-store experience, check out our free eBook on being the store of the future.