fbpx Your employees are key players in helping your business succeed. You must make sure that you have enough staff during the holidays to attend to the increased traffic in your stores. As we mentioned in our last holiday post, customer service is essential in creating a positive shopping experience for your customers and leaving a lasting impression. Your staff must step it up during the holidays to meet your customer’s needs. It is important to make sure you are not understaffed. This will probably mean that you have to hire additional employees to meet the seasonal demand. All of your stores should be prepared for the bustle of the holidays, be patient with the customers, and willing to go the extra mile. All of your employees, seasonal and permanent, need to receive the same training. Having standardized procedures across all of your stores will help with smooth transitions and processes. Having those in place before the holidays will ensure that operations will run seamlessly. This also goes back to providing a consistent shopping experience for shoppers. All employees should treat their customers with positivity and friendliness! The holidays can be exhausting, so create incentives to keep your employees motivated during peak sales times. Introduce a bonus program before the holidays so that employees know that their work will be appreciated and rewarded. If your customers aren’t receiving the treatment and attention they expect from your salespeople, your stores might make a bad name for themselves. Word of mouth travels quickly, so make sure all of your employees represent your business well and don’t ruin your reputation.