fbpx Because Millennials hold the spending power and consume over half of the running population, you should make sure you are effectively marketing towards them. They are a very digitally active group of individuals and use technology in most aspects of their lives. If you are not getting in front of them online, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to sell!

Align with brands and runners that believe in something

Millennials desire a brand experience that is emotional and engaging. It is important that the brands they buy have similar values to their own and believe they are making a difference in the world and truly stand for something. Be sure to capture Millennials through belief-based branding and promote the values that your store and brands believe in.

Personalize the experience

Millennials expect a genuine, personalized experience as soon as they walk into your running store. Have you consider creating a personalized experience for your customers before they even make the visit? Take full advantage of your POS and inventory management system and collect customer information so you can create targeted marketing campaigns. This will increase the likelihood that Millennials will stop by your store to try on some running shoes.

Actively use social media

Because Millennials are constantly on social media, it is a great way to reach them. It is unlikely that Millennials will seek out your store, so you need to connect with them and capture their attention on your social channels. Promote your new products, brands, and athletes who are sponsored by your brands on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also personally connect and form relationships with your Millennial consumers on social media. Learn how 3 Rivers Running, a specialty running store in Indiana, has used RICS to overcome many of the challenges associated with managing a running store, including inventory, sales and customer management. If you are interested in joining the majority of specialty running retailers who use RICS to grow their business, click here.