fbpx A lot of small to medium-sized retailers don’t put enough importance on their brand. A brand is not just a logo and colors. Yes, it includes the visual aspect of a business, but also the messaging, customer service, and the intangible perceptions of a business. Few recognize the impact or are too preoccupied to worry about it. But why is your brand so important?
  1. You only get one first impression Whether it’s your website, social media, or storefront, the first impression your brand makes is lasting. Poor execution on a website will turn people away and give negative perceptions about your physical store.
  2. Brand can make you memorable Small businesses have the advantage over the big guys by being able to develop a unique and recognizable brand that is ingrained into the community. You know the people and can speak directly into their lives.
  3. Start Smart Spending the money up front to build a quality brand may seem expensive, but it will help avoid a costly redesign down the road. There is also longevity in quality design. Avoid falling into the trendy mindset and instead go for a look that will weather the test of time.
  4. Design isn’t just about pretty Everyone wants a beautiful store and a brand to match, but beauty alone won’t make you money. It must convert into profit. Design is a tool to persuade people to spend money with you. Use it wisely.