An Interview with Josh Ford and David Rose

How long have you been working at RICS?

David: I started working at RICS on August 20, 2012. I started off on the QA Team and transitioned to the Support Team in March of 2013. [David claims that he joined the RICS team shortly after he tried out for (and was cut) from the Buffalo Bills, so he needed to pursue a new career path.] Josh: I started working at RICS in April of 2014 and has been on the Support Team ever since.

 What’s it like being on the Support Team?

David: It gives me a good perspective of what our clients go through every day. Josh: I feel like I’m still learning every single day. There are so many aspects of the Back Office that I might not know about until a client brings it to my attention.

What is one of the most frequently asked questions?

Josh: Question: How can we unlock our users? Answer: Create a user with the “Admin” role, so that user has access to unlocking all other users. [This is especially helpful if you get locked out during non-support hours!] David: Question: Is there a way I can find the answers to my questions without having to call the Support Team? Answer: Yes! We’ve created a Help Center to do just that. [The Help Center can be found here. You can also check out some of the highlights of the Help Center in this blog post.]

Do you have any advice for our clients?

David: Pay attention to the Message Center in the Back Office because that is where we will try to relay all of the important information you need to know. Josh: The Sales Analysis report is the most frequently run report that can help you make purchasing decisions based on your sales.

And now for the fun stuff…

What do you like to do outside of work?

Josh: I like to play golf, try different types of beer, and watch sports, preferably the Pirates and the Steelers. [Those are the teams that Josh’s dad cheered for, so they naturally became Josh’s favorites too.] David: I like to ride my bike, swim, play disc golf, and go camping. I just love being outside. I also like playing ping pong in the break room. [David is currently the “Golden Paddle” Champion in the office right now. Watch out, world.]

Why do you #LoveIndy?

David: It is fun to have all of the different sporting events come into town – the Final Four, the Superbowl, the NFL Combine, plus all of our professional sports teams. Josh: I agree. There is also a lot of “Hoosier Hospitality” – we’ve been told that we’re very good at hosting these large events because we’re very welcoming and accommodating. Everyone is always really nice and willing to help each other out. I also enjoy all of the different microbreweries in Indianapolis.

And finally, do you have any interesting facts about yourself?

Josh: [Although he won’t admit it, Josh LOVES to clean.] David: I can juggle. And I can stand on my hands. [Most people would call that a handstand, David…]   Thank you for all of your hard work, Josh and David!   Josh cleaningDavid Handstand