fbpx In honor of the Summer Olympics, we hosted a celebration with our own events and competition! On August 4th, the day before the Opening Ceremony in Rio, everyone in attendance was split up onto teams. USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Russia, China, and Germany were all represented. It was a great opportunity for members from different teams within RICS to work together, get to know each other better, and go for the gold! We started the afternoon off with a few Olympic events including a relay race, discus throw, Bunker dash (a race around the office), hula hoop contest, and flip cup tournament. With big storms coming through an hour before, the skies luckily cleared just in time to get outside and complete these events. Team USA came out on top, creaming their competition in most of the events. They were awarded a bottle of champagne to celebrate and Visa giftcards! Once the rankings were announced, some people played cornhole, while others mingled and enjoyed beverages and snacks. This party was a great opportunity for our employees to connect with people they may not interact with on a daily basis. Having team-based competition was also a good way to mix people up and have them work towards a common goal. Hosting events that get people away from their desks are always good for boosting employee morale. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Some ideas for company events on a budget are to have everyone bring a snack or drink to share, a competition in the office, or a bake-off. Looking for ways to boost your company’s culture? Check out this blog post.