fbpx RICS offers multiple ways to save time on the reports that you need to run in your store. There’s a variety of predefined reports that you can run that will give you the majority of the information that you would need for your store. That being said, we don’t always have the exact report that you are looking for and, in these cases, there are a multitude of additional options that can be toggled in reports to view the information you’re looking for. It can be difficult to keep track of which options need to be selected when both an inventory valuation and viewing SKUs with markdowns start from the same Stock Status report. To help with this, RICS allows you to save the reports that you plan on running again. Give your report a descriptive name, such as “Inventory Valuation,” and use the Save Report button at the bottom of the reporting page. Then, when you wish to run this report again, you can use the LookUp tool at the top of the reporting page to find this report and run it again with the exact same criteria selected. This will help save time with common reports and save frustration with less frequently used reports. To make groups of reports that you often run together more manageable, RICS allows you to save groups of reports into a batch so you can quickly run them all at the click of a button. Once you’ve saved your reports, you can then add them to a batch in the Manage Batch screen in reporting. Here you’ll create a new batch name, such as “Month’s End,” and add any reports to this batch that you would run at the end of each month. When the time comes to run your monthly reports, you’ll go to the Run Batch Reports page and run the “Month’s End” batch. This will queue and run all of the reports that you’ve added to this batch with no additional configuration necessary. Have additional questions on reporting? Check out our Reporting Best Practices Guide.