Fit. We hear this word often.
Regardless of what industry you may be in, you’ll hear this word referencing how well things are going to work together. For retailers, fit can be about merchandise and their customer. But the fit they want to make sure to get right is with their POS and inventory management system. Just like a pair of jeans that really fits feels like it was made for you, RICS is a POS system that was made specifically for footwear and apparel retailers. But what does that mean? It just feels right? Well, kind of. The truth of the matter is the business process that we have developed for running our shoes stores or apparel boutiques match up really well with a corresponding functionality inside RICS. Things we do everyday to run our business are addressed inside the program. Almost like it was originally developed by people with practical retail experience. And that’s because it was.
So for example…
Special Orders Special orders are a thing we may not love to take and process in our shops, but many times its necessary.  RICS knows this and gives you a way to easily process Special Orders. From taking the order, printing off tickets for the customer, store, and to attach to the merchandise, to printing out a Special Order Activity report every time you are ready to place your specials, with all the information in one document. Grid Analysis RICS uses a grid system to help you see your inventory in the same way retailers have traditionally looked at items. This allows you to quickly asses how well various sizes are selling, not selling, or need to be ordered. It can also help you quickly determine that the traditional size runs you believe are applicable to most SKUs in your store, may be totally off for certain, styles, classes, or brands of merchandise. Retail Experience Finally, RICS has continued to embrace it’s retail roots by hiring retailers for the team. That means people on our sales, on-boarding, training, and support team all have practical retail experience.  They all worked in retail stores using RICS to run their shops. If you’ve ever tried to explain something to a customer service rep who just doesn’t get it, then you know how helpful this will be. So if you have a retail shop and you happen to sell footwear or apparel, make sure your POS decision is made with much consideration. Because as retailers and technology experts we both know we have to find the right fit.