fbpx Taking physical inventory is probably something that you dread each season. That’s why we are here to help make the process easier! While it is a daunting and tedious task, it is an important thing to do since there are some things that the software just can’t account for. Having an accurate count of your inventory allows you to run your business in the most effective and profitable way possible. Inventory is your store’s number one asset and expense. Count Inventory Regularly You should be counting your inventory regularly so you always know if the data in your system is consistent with your count. Unfortunately, theft happens, and that is something that your inventory management system cannot account for. Some ways you can get started on this process are to: Make It Manageable Thinking about counting all of your inventory at once is definitely an overwhelming task, especially since we recommend doing it quarterly or biannually. You should consider breaking up your store by product category and taking inventory in small segments. It is also important that you stay focused during this process to prevent mistakes. Some tips while performing physical inventory are to: Organize Your Store Preparing your store for physical inventory will decrease the time it takes to complete the process. This will allow you to quickly go through and account for all of your merchandise. The more organized your store is on a regular basis, the less painful this process will be. To the best of your ability you should: You can mitigate the effects of missing inventory by regularly performing physical count of the merchandise in your store. It is always good to have an accurate count of your inventory and to be fully aware of the status of your merchandise. Click here to check out our full guide on the need for physical inventory.