fbpx 7 months ago, I wrote a blog about the people of RICS and how together we help hundreds of stores each year become experts on their business. Today, I want to reflect on my experience as a Sales Development Representative. When most people think of sales, they think about the sleazy guy who tries to make you leave with their product that day and not take no for an answer. Later, you typically regret the sale and may even come back to return it. As a fellow salesperson, I am sorry that you had to experience this at some point because this is not sales. Although the end goal in sales is to sell a product, there is much more to it. Sales is about delivering value to people regardless if they buy your product. Every day, I talk to retailers that feel like they’re only surviving and not thriving or are becoming first time store owners wanting to share their passion with their community. If we at RICS were simply selling our software, we would not be setting up our clients for success. At RICS, the sales team is defying the stigma. Instead of making you feel like we force you to use our POS, we are simply reaching out to see if we can be helpful. Everyone on our sales team has various experiences in retail ranging from using RICS as the owner of a multi-store shoe retailer to working for large Fortune 500 retailers. Regardless of our experiences, we have one goal: help fellow retailers grow their business and reimagine the way they run their store. I’m proud to be part of an organization that helps retailers be better retailers. Every day, we are always providing the latest and greatest tools to help them be successful such as our recent scheduling reporting upgrade. It’s one of many reasons why over 98% of customers renew with RICS.