fbpx RMSA Retail Solutions is one of our partners that offers retailers a unique solution combining easy-to-use cloud software and access to a retail expert to help interpret what’s going on inside your business. With RICS you have access to your business’s data and can run reports that enable you to make the best decisions for your business. When partnered with RMSA, you can take your business to the next level. RMSA collects your sales, buying, and inventory data from RICS and combines it with other industry trends to determine your store’s sales patterns, seasonality, turnover potential, optimal flow of receipts, and the best timing for inventory deliveries. RMSA also offers informative videos that will quickly take you through ways to be a smart retailer and improve your business. You can click here to check them out! With RMSA you get monthly updated merchandise action plans for every store and an opportunity to schedule analytical discussions with your RMSA retail analyst. They will offer guidance on specific steps to take and a solution that is tailored to your store’s unique traits and point of sale data. By analyzing RICS data and other industry data, RMSA can improve your profitability and recommend the right open-to-buy strategy. Our clients Deborah and Lisa Schuemann from Village Bootery say, “Our association with RMSA has been extremely educational. Our RMSA specialist has been very attentive to our questions and remained determined to help us understand the basic principles of retail: importance of turns, ROI, markups, and perhaps most important, inventory control! Bottom line, RMSA has enabled us to increase profitability.”