fbpx RICS Software is excited to announce that RICS and Locally have recently partnered to offer clients an integrated solution for displaying local inventory online. Displaying local inventory online allows for a wider audience, increased visibility, and a higher likelihood of new customers! RICS has recognized the growing importance of an online presence for all retailers and believe that this partnership will be valuable in an effort by retailers to stay ahead of recent retail and ecommerce trends. Locally has several offerings that retailers can take advantage of such as, displaying inventory availability on Locally.com, integrating with an existing e-commerce site, and even displaying inventory availability on a brand’s website. RICS automatically sends up-to-date, on-hand inventory quantities to Locally for distribution to the online marketing and selling channels you want to participate in (e.g., a brand website or your own Facebook page). To learn more about Locally’s offerings, contact Locally at retailers@locally.com. To enable the integration between RICS and Locally, contact accounts@ricssoftware.com.