fbpx So you’re really starting to consider tactics to start bringing in more customers, and in turn, more revenue, this holiday season. But you’re not the only one. Retailers across the country are gearing up for a big holiday season just like you, which means your competitors are trying the same tricks to bring customers (even your loyal customers) into their store. So how do you stand out and ensure your customers find their way back into your store this holiday season? Check out these tips on how you can outshine your competitors this holiday season.
  1. Make Deals Worth a Trip to Your Store

If you can get customers in your store, you have a better chance of selling them add-ons to their existing purchase. Create different promotions for online and in-store purchases. Put certain products on sale online, while offering a percentage off an entire purchase if customers purchase in-store. Make customers feel like they’re really getting added value out of coming in to your store. Not only do you get the chance to upsell, but you also have a chance to really connect with your customer base and show them a personalized shopping experience.
  1. Personalize Your Marketing

No customer is ever impressed by generalized mass marketing. Instead, what strikes customers the most is when stores know them and make deals and promotions specific to them as a customer. Take advantage of in store purchases by collection customer data while you’re ringing them out. If you know information about your customer, the items they usually purchase, and the frequency of their purchases, you can target them with coupons and promotions around that data. If customers are willing to talk to you about why they are buying certain products, you have even more information to personalize their future experience in the store.
  1. Leave a Big Impression

If you can get people in your store with personalized marketing, you probably have already left a big impression on them. But that may not be enough. Make sure you tap into the customer data you already have to be personable and helpful to enhance your customer’s in-store experience. Give an extra 5% off to customers in-store to show your appreciation for them coming in. Even a small percentage off will impress customers. For online customers, include a hand written note thanking them for their purchase. Personalization and gratitude go a long way for leaving a lasting impression and building customer loyalty. The holiday season is quickly approaching and retailers everywhere are looking for any way to get a leg up on their competition. To stand out this year, make sure you make your customer experience memorable and special so they’ll keep coming back for more! For additional tips for the holiday shopping season, check out this blog post.