You’re not a cupcake shop, so why use a POS system built for one?

In retail, it’s important to for your technology to serve your business goals. There are so many options for your inventory management needs making it hard to find a perfect fit for you. Many inventory management and POS providers boast a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that works for any business. In reality, no two businesses or industries are the same. So why would you use technology that was built to for all retailers? Here are 3 reasons your cover-all solution isn’t fit for your business:

The Wrong Functionality

One-size-fits-all solutions limit you to high-level, generalized functions. As a store needing a grid system, you won’t have all the options you need for inventory management.

Limited Reporting Options

Many solutions come with certain reports that you have to fit into your business process. But what if you need to slice your data a different way to get the information you need? You should have options for analyzing your data the way you want, not the way a technology vendor wants you to.

Inadequate Customer Capabilities

Just like limited reporting capabilities, lacking the right tools and information to reach your customers can be detrimental to customer loyalty and sales. The way an apparel shop reviews customer data and markets to them is not the same way a cupcake shop does. Make sure your tools analyze the right customer data so you can turn it into insights for customer retention and marketing.
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