fbpx An upcoming sale, off-site event or special promotion is a great way to increase sales for your store. With a little planning and marketing, you can drive new and existing customers to buy more products in a short amount of time. An increase in traffic in the store also means longer lines, longer wait times to check out and a higher likelihood of customers getting frustrated when trying to make their purchase. As a store owner or manager, you can alleviate some of the frustration and wait time by using an additional POS. A second (or even third, fourth or fifth) POS can be added and disabled from your RICS account at any time and will work on any Windows based computer, laptop or tablet. POSs are issued in 30 day increments and can be turned on in less than a day of reaching out to our team. You can choose to have them automatically turned off in a specified amount of time or leave them on until you call and tell us it is no longer needed. In order to set this up or for more information, please contact an Account Manager at account@ricssoftware.com