fbpx Since beginning at RICS, there’s one aspect that has truly impressed me: the people. For some of you reading this, you might think I’m jumping on the buzzword bandwagon but I’m not. It only takes a few minutes in the office to realize that RICS is different. Before even stepping into the office, my manager, Brett, provided me with several resources to help make my transition smooth, productive, and welcoming. He was more than willing to answer any questions, incorporate my needs into a personal development plan, and handle the daily things in-between. Once I began working, the experience was no different. Not only were my coworkers kind and willing to help but the leadership team embodied the same welcoming spirit. In fact, Jason and Mark, our CEO and CFO respectively, made a point to get to know me over lunch. You might be thinking that this is standard for most employees during the onboarding process and maybe it is. However, while I was soaking up everything I could during my first week at RICS, the part that resonated with me most was the people. Whether it was a Business Development Manager speaking with prospects, the onboarding team setting up a new customer, or the support team troubleshooting with a client, they all exemplified the same people-focused approach. It is one of the reasons why RICS has been thriving since 1983 and has experienced customer retention rates of 98.5% in 2015 alone. This can only be traced back to one reason: people. I believe this is the RICS difference. As I move forward in my role, my goal is to extend that same attitude to each prospect and subsequently, show them why I’m proud to be a RICS employee.