fbpx If you’re a business owner and not enthusiastic about your business, how can you convince the people who work for you to immerse themselves in their work? When managing your store, you must lead by example and create the expectation that your actions set the standard. A great way to do this is through an employee mentorship program. So how provide the right mentorship to cultivate your employees’ talents?

Here are 3 tips to improve your employee mentorship program:

  1. Be a better manager. Management can be tricky for business owners. You didn’t start a business because you were really passionate about managing people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a great people manager. Get excited about new initiatives and motivate yourself to constantly improve your business. If you demonstrate a solid work ethic, you will provide your employees with an ideal role model.
  2. Implement inner-employee training. Don’t have the time to personally nurture the growth of each of your employees? Your top salespeople can be the best resource for training your new or under-performing employees. Implement a program that enables a mentoring relationship between your employees and promote sharing of best practices. Inner-employee training not only strengthens your salespeople in their roles, but it also encourages employees to interact and build relationships. Employees who care about the people they work with are more apt to work harder to meet goals and keep the team morale high.
  3. Set goals. When you are mentoring employees, you’re able to implement goal setting programs to help employees ramp up. Mentors can set up goals that reflect the new employee’s position along with give the support employees need to meet and eventually exceed their goals. It also allows individuals to see where their strengths are and where they are falling short. Goal setting is a perfect way to encourage and motivate employees through the training process.
Your employees are a vital component of your business’s success. People are happier and more productive when they feel fully trained and they work in a pleasant environment so do your best to make this happen within your business.