fbpx The economy is starting to turn around, but businesses still need to monitor where their payroll dollars are going. RICS clients turn to our team for help with managing payroll dollars and payroll hours. RICS has a powerful time clock tool that tracks when employees clock in and out, while also providing a detailed analysis of how each employee’s hours were allocated: sales or non-sales. Why is the distinction important? When using the time clock function, a store owner or manager can get detailed information from the Salesperson Analysis report that shows: hours worked in sales, profit, returns, commission, perks, average sale $, and multiple sales. The Salesperson Analysis report can be used to help identify which employees may need more training or education. Time management is an important component of your business as well. RICS assists you with tools like the Sales by Time report. This report shows an owner or manager exactly when their busiest sales hours are, allowing them to confidently forecast periods of high and low volume. Use this to allocate payroll dollars efficiently.