fbpx The month of May in Indianapolis is a crowd drawing, heart pumping and exhilarating time for race fans. And I’m not talking about the fans looking to cheer on Ed Carpenter in our world famous 500 mile race. I’m talking about the fans who hit the ground running every May, literally. With the world’s largest mini marathon and other fun running events around the month of May, Indianapolis draws one of the biggest running crowds every year for the chance to run the streets of Indianapolis. Which means, expos are full of people looking to purchase last minute apparel and shoes for their big run around the circle city! So how do you make sure you’re ready to open up shop and help visitors to our city find (and purchase) the perfect gear to help them complete their race with confidence? Check out these three tips for making your mobile sales more efficient and friendly this year: Use a 1:1 Approach If you can, position a sales associate with mobile POS at each merchandise table. This enables you to interact with customers more and allows customers to avoid waiting in line to make a purchase. Sometimes lines give people the perfect amount of time to talk themselves out of a purchase that might not seem necessary. Line Busting If you don’t have the manpower to cover each merchandise table at your pop up store, make sure you have a floater equipped with a mobile POS device to help keep the line short. Expos are filled with tons of booths with tons of products, if a customer sees a shorter line at another booth you may risk losing a sale. Have your associate keep an eye on when the line gets too long so he or she is able to swoop in and keep the waiting short for your customers. Be Attentive Just like in your store, you want to be sure you’re able to give the right amount of attention to each of your customers at an event. Mobile POS devices allow you to be at a customer’s side and answer any questions as they make their purchasing decision. Once you’ve helped them decide on the perfect piece to purchase, you’ll be able to ring up the sale right there. Even if they are from out of town, the chances of them returning to your booth next year are higher if they remember your team as being helpful and knowledgeable with the products. While the month of May might already be upon us, these tips are perfect to implement any time of the year at any event! Don’t let a late start to race month keep you from crushing mobile sales the rest of the year. To learn more mobile POS tricks of the trade, download our 3 Ways to Use Mobile POS ebook.