fbpx Every day, we make choices from choosing how to spend our days to what we want to eat that day. According to Dr. Joel Hoomans from Roberts Wesleyan College, the average person makes 35,000 decisions each day. Whether if you are a business owner, a corporate executive, or a student, 35,000 decisions can be overwhelming and even exhausting. Some scholars call this decision fatigue. Decision fatigue describes your decreasing ability to make strong, thought-out decisions the more decisions you make during the day. This explains why leaders such as Steve Jobs decide to wear the same outfit every day – so they can eliminate more decisions from their busy days! Now, I’m not saying to go to your nearest clothing retailer and buy seven identical outfits. However, the above example highlights the importance of making the most of your decisions. Not all decisions are equal. In fact, most of them are relatively meaningless, such as which burger to order at lunch, while others are critical to making your business profitable, such as which inventory management software to implement. Take some time to reflect on the decisions you make daily. What decisions do you make that are critical to your success, and the success of your specialty retail store, every day? Which ones aren’t? What decisions can you make that will free up your “decision meter” to make more decisions that matter? If you want to learn more about making decisions, check out this article.