fbpx With mobile marketing on the rise, reaching your target audience on the go has become more important than ever. If you’re using your POS to collect customer data but not using it to send out marketing messages, it could be costing you sales. Read on to learn about how you can start launching email campaigns to your clients!

Identify Email Marketing Software

It’s important to have a tool that will help not only help you send out the emails, but that can also give you metrics on how your emails performing. Many email marketing tools offer a free version that allows a certain amount of emails and a certain amount of users each month. Do a little research to figure out what tool will work best for you. A few popular platforms include:

Plan Your Segmentation for Targeted Campaigns

Once you have a platform to send out emails for you, it’s time to figure out how your going to segment your audience for targeted campaigns. Targeted marketing allows you to give your users a more personalized experience, making them feel more appreciated and building customer loyalty. Segments can include:

Plan and Create Content

Once you know what (and how many) campaigns you’re going to run, it’s important to plan out your content before creating it. Take the time to create personalized messaging that will engage your targeted group. The more engaging your subject line and content, the more likely your reader will be to open and click through to your website.

Test the Campaign

Before shooting your email campaign off to your customers, make sure you take the time to do the proper testing to ensure the campaign will perform. If your email isn’t reaching the customers, or is formatted incorrectly, it could hurt the campaign’s success. Testing is a crucial step in any email campaign!

Pull Your Customers’ Information

Once you have the email campaigns and have properly tested them, you can start pulling your customer data from your POS and Inventory Management System. Pull your customer lists by filtering your reports by chosen segments. Once you have your customers’ information out of the POS, load it into your email marketing system to start sending emails.

Send Emails & Track Success

After you’ve properly uploaded your customers (and further segmented if necessary), it’s time to launch your first email campaign! Schedule a time for emails to go out and let the software do the rest of the work. Once your campaign is live, make sure to check the results of the campaign. Are people opening the emails? If so, are they using the coupon codes you provided? It’s important to not only engage with your customers via email, but also to review the effectiveness of it. Reviewing the success will show you what campaigns worked and which could use a little refining. Email marketing can be an extremely successful marketing tactic when done correctly. Take the time to plan your campaigns effectively, track the success, and adjust campaigns in the future. Putting the time into email marketing will not only promote your business, but it will also build customer loyalty through coupons and sales. Did you know that RICS Software can help you collect, manage, and assess customer information? Click here to learn more.