fbpx When you turn on your cell phone, you expect it to be updated with the latest and greatest features. Apple has done a really good job of setting this expectation by automatically sending out software updates. Sometimes you have to click a button to install them and sometimes when you turn on your phone in the morning they are just there.  Either way, we live in a world where we expect our devices (and the software behind them) to just work. This isn’t always the case in the world of POS providers. Many POS solutions are installed, meaning you install the software version on your computer one time and then use it until it is no longer supported or you find something different that you want to use. The benefit of an installed solution is you pay a one-time fee. There may be an ongoing support fee and every time you want an updated version you have to pay another large one time fee to install it. The other option, which is less common, is a subscription based model. There is a smaller one-time set up fee, along with a monthly subscription fee. Within this subscription, you automatically get all updates and fixes to the software on a daily basis. Also, support, integrations, ongoing education, and other services are included. The monthly subscription supports your POS, much like your monthly cell phone plan supports your phone usage. Having the latest and greatest from your service provider, as well as all of the customer support and education you need, it is well worth the monthly investment.  To learn more about how a subscription based plan can benefit your business, please contact us at sales@ricssoftware.com.