fbpx It’s that time of year again….it’s time to think about spring cleaning! Spring is a time of change and new beginnings, so why not take the time to think about how you can refresh your store? Here is a list of spring cleaning tips for you to consider this season:
  1. Go through all of your old inventory and decide what is worth keeping. Try to sell at a marked-down price, or perhaps you don’t want to keep it and are willing to donate it instead. If you haven’t sold it for the last 2 seasons, maybe it is time to say good bye.
  2. Go through all of your employee files and make sure all of the information is accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Do you have any outstanding purchase orders? If so, you might want to cancel them if they are still on backorder.
  4. Go through your records and make sure no one owes you money. If they do, it is time to pick up the phone or send an email to let them know.
  5. Spring clean your store! Invite your staff to come in and help clean, but make it fun! Play music, order food, and take photos! Pull out that dusty vacuum, use a mop and broom, and scrub all of the nooks and crannies throughout the store.
  6. Do your air vents need to be cleaned out? Now is the time to find out!
  7. Be sure to clean your window displays and wipe away all of those fingerprints and get rid of those dead flies!
  8. If you have a bathroom or an employee break room, you should definitely deep-clean them.
  9. Go through all of your emails and delete those that you don’t need anymore. If you don’t like to delete anything, create separate folders and move items from your inbox to your folders.
  10. Do your employees need a training refresher? Could your employees benefit from evaluations? Spring is a great excuse to do those!
Happy cleaning! If you’re looking for other tips for your business, check out our other resources!